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    hi, my name is pavan and i need some help.

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    May 2013
    Just joined, need help modding my PS3...

    Have been lost since I started..

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    Thank you for the nice welcome !

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    I too am new

    I am an author. I have one book published and am soon to be publishing a few more before long.

    I live in the USA. Am originally from Florida but now reside in some crap town in Arkansas. Am still too broke to move lol.

    I have been gaming for sometime now. More like about 7 or so years I guess. I am more of a PS3 user and primarily play GRAND THEFT AUTO and have recently started searching for a way to MOD my (UN-JAILBROKEN) PS3 currently running OFW 4.41 so that I can fully enjoy my GTA 4 TBOGT MULTIPLAYER experience.

    I have been searching hardcore of late. I know there is a way to mod the game without having to jailbreak the ps3 but all the info I keep finding leads me to some bologna link where I gotta "complete an offer" in order to get the download.

    I know it to be a load of hogwash. I completed 2 offers at different sites and no download link appeared so I said to heck with all that and started seeking out forums in the hopes that I will find what I am looking for and perhaps even help contribute in some way or another.

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    Hello every one... I've been using this great site for a while now and I joined just to thank people who made my life easier.

    Interest PS3, PSP, Ps2

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    May 2013
    Hi, lets jaibreak 4.25 whooooooo

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    May 2013
    hi guys, I am new here

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    hi! ps3 4ever

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    hello every one

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    hello everybody i am new member here

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