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    May 2013

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    Even me too... I'm new to PS3 news.. And i m glad to b here, as i want my PS3 OFW jail breaked as soon as possible!!

    Think i found correct place. Pls help!!!
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    hello, i was wondering if tecmo koei is going to patch ninja gaiden sigma 2 plus on vita. framerate not as good as sigma plus

    Can't wait for killzone on vita. What happened with being able to remote play ps3 game on vita? Still have sony's video saying being able to remote play killzone 3.
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    Hello everybody, I just registered.

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    hi and thanks

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    Hello all, I am Chris. I mod and fix gaming consoles. Glad to be part of the site.

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    hey everyone, new around but the site looks amazing so far thanks to everyone
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    hi i'm also new here and hoping i can accomplish what i have been trying to do for years which is jailbreak my ps3 but it might be just a dream that will be lost for everywhere. but anyway nice to meet everyone and if i can help in anyway i will.

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    new guy looking to beddazzle the ps3 themes. smh lol

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    Hi. Thanks for the awesome website...
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