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    Oct 2006
    Oh yeah, hello everyone. Great site guys.

    PS3 ftw.
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    Apr 2013
    I just joined..
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    Mar 2008
    hi everyone, new too!!!

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    Hi, I just wanna flash my PS3's drive n stop spending money on games.

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    Dec 2009
    Gotta respect the honesty lol

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    hi new user here, need some help got progskeet all tsop clip nand and nor PSP loaded with jig hack adapter etc i have everything now.

    how do i use it the website is really confusing and youtube is all Euro non english i see what they are doing but can't understand it lol also i need a visual to go along with I'm not slow or dense i just wish i could see somebody doing it that i can understand what they are saying.

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    Hello. I just have problems w/ my router n i needed the ps3 proxy server.

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    hi, what's up guys

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    Hello. I am new to ps3news. looking to downgrade my FAT PS3 so i can jailbreak.

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    Cool Lets make the way

    Hi, I'm from India. In My small city, the craze of PS3 is growing day by day. I have 2 Ps3. I like to share many things but for now, thanks to you all , being my friends. Thanks

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