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    awesome site. I am new here and just figured I would say hello. 34 years old, live in toccoa, ga with my fiance and 7 months old son, little bit of a country boy but not to be confused with a red neck lol. I like to write game reviews and actually have a few that are published. I love the ps3 and I am long time sony fan. I like xbox too but more of a playstation kinda guy. well not sure what else to say. maybe we can play some games together sometime. my PSN is DarcStar34 everyone welcome to add me. Thanks.

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    Hi!!! I'm new here!!

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    Apr 2013

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    Hi guys ! PS3 rocks!

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    Hi, Trying to learn how to jailbreak 4.40 and put the right things on it!!

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    Hello everyone i am oteupload2013 thank you

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    Hello everyone

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    Hello all!

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    Got lots of reading to do. First attempt at console modding so i hope i don't mess it up

    Can anyone point me to complete noob: step 1?
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    just registered ...whats up

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