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    Just joined today, recently got a CECHA01 that I loaded with Rebug 4.30.1 Standard, did all the usual upgrade mods and slapped a 1TB internal drive in; waiting on a fan controller mod and my PS3 will be golden.

    Been filling up my system with games, soon will be looking for answers to weird problems I'm sure, hope everyone will be tolerant of my questions...

    - Shadowhawk

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    Hi Guys, Its been a long time since I've been here, was a member aloooooong time ago back in ps2 days and then sort of packed up the ps2 and psp and didnt really worry about the ps3... but I'm back with a ps3 in hand and looking forward to catching up on whats been happening, seems like lots and lots of reading is needed

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    Apr 2013
    Hello guys, how are you? My name is Frank, nice to meet you

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    Welcome my friend

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    Hello all.

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    From Italy a new registered user here to learn

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    Hi! Just registered to forums cause I'm trying to find info on cooling mods. I have fixed about 10 PS3 fats from YLOD (atleast 5 of them still in use after long use) and have 3 launch 60GB models and couple of 80GB models myself. And one SLIM piece of shit that is stuck on update loop.

    Only one 80GB model is working at this moment but I'm fixing couple of 60GBs to get the real PS3 on use again. 80GB is just making a backup to USB drive and after that i will take it apart and take my 19 blade fan from it to use at my 60GB console.

    Sorry if theres bad english on my post, I'm from Finland

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    Oct 2011
    i'm join thanks for learning all

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    Just joined too really excited

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    Evening all, thought I'd say hello.

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