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    Mar 2013
    Hello! I am a New User and own a PS3 Rogero 4:30 CEX v 2.05 (slim 320GB). I have great general knowledge in informatics and now I seek knowledge on the PS3 system as well.
    Long live the PS3!

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    I am from Italy I new user and ps3news grat forum and i learned every thing ps3 here.

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    Hi, I'm new here.

    Thank you~

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    Hi, I'm a new user from UK, I think this forum is pretty cool!

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    i am new to this stuff but i to have a jailbroken ps3 but i would like to know how to use the ps3 splitter

    yeah i wish we had more tutorial videos on youtube or something because i am more of a visual learner
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    Hello Every one, I'm new here what's up!

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    Hi I'm new too

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    Mar 2013
    hello, I'm a new user...

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    hello from murcia in spain

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