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    Suup Man... I'm new as well. Helllo out there!

    Dante69 from Brooklyn New York. Learning as much as i can as quick as i can. New to the modding scene but not a noob to the computer scene. Been messin about with Pcs / Macs and Android for a while now. Glad to have found this bank of rare knowledge. Greetings and good will to gamers hackers and midnight snackers!
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    I am Jon, nice to meet everyone. I have been out of the loop for a while, looking to update from my kmeaw trying to find to info and tutorials. Thank you everyone on here for all the time and effort to help others.

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    Like Jon above, I'm also looking to get back into the scene after a couple of years absence. Am also on kmeaw and wondering what has happened since then.


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    Hello, also have been absent for a year, was on Kmeaw firmware but sister updated, now looking for a downgrade service, pm me if any information can be given, currently on 4.25 ofw

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    Hello everyone, new user here and totally noob on ps3 when it comes to hacking modding and stuff still learning thou hehe (is not easy like the psp )

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    If i am currently on rogero 3.70 should i upgrade to this?

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    Hello, just joined. Friend modded my ps3 slim for me and told me this site is good for updates for mods.

    I have one quick question, if I download DLC or PSN games to my external. Would they be able to be used for online play? I tested out Black Ops II online no problem with the new 4.40 spoof pkg. Just wondering if DLC or PSN games will work. Any ideas?
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    Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the ps3 scene and am in the process of fixing the RSOD (if possible). 360's were my specialty so I'm looking to gain more knowledge before the next gen of consoles hits us.

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