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    Hey everyone,

    I just got a ps3 recently. Planing on learning the ropes of the trade.

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    great work guys thx
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    Just joined. Have 2 Fat PS3 A01s and a K01 in route have upgraded each to 1TB drive and will do the same to the K01 on arrival. the A01s are on OFW 4.31 and patched current the K01 is intended for emulators and home-brew. I'm an electrical engineer and love tinkering with stuff and think the PS3 has fab hardware and potential.

    I'm excited to get into the home-brew scene and maybe even into hardware/software mods, maybe explore porting some of my work over to the PS3 from tee OSX & UNIX platforms. I have Taught embedded systems and chaired the CS department at a small college for several years and love learning and teaching. well thats my in a few words.

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    hello everyone... learning and improving my ps3 to the next level...

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    Hi everyone, I have a Ps3 Super Slim 500gb.

    And new here

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    Hello everyone! I'm a new user starting today!

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    Hi all! New user here. Slowly learning the ways of patching/fixing Eboots/Params/Pkgs for CFW 3.55.

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    Hello all. New to tinkering with PS3s, I got one working slim and two older fats. The fats I have been able to get to dash, but both one issue or another with the bluray drive so I figured I'd look into downgrading them to get to CFW.

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    Mar 2013


    hello everyone i'm new at ps3news, can't wait to learn all the great stuff you guys all really know your stuff well
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    What's up everyone?! Back to my ps3 now that the new GOW is out. Rocking a 80gb phat on rogero 4.31 v2.0.5 and a 250gb phat on 3.55 kmeaw. Looking into rebug rex for that one but we will see!

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