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    Mar 2013
    Hello I am crs03, wait to learn of this page. Bye

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    Apr 2005
    I am actually a long time member and former moderator of this site. I used to be very active back from the end of 2005 to around 2007 or so, I remember all the good times at PS2NEWS. I even remember a few folks like BobaFett and CJPC. I'm interested in getting back up to speed with this stuff. I have a 120GB slim PS3 running the latest firmware.

    see you guys around!

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    Mar 2013
    Hi all. Just got a PS3 recently and i'm pretty excited to learn as much as i can. People here seem very helpful. Learned quite a bit when the PS yloded 8 days after i got it (used).

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    hi all

    look forward to using this site
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    me too, new also

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    hi i am a newbie. i just joined today and i hope everyone will be of help to me

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    Hey all, not new to the Playstation brand, but certainly new to modding. I currently have two systems (one launch phatty, and one slim) and it is time install the marvel that is Homebrew.

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    Hello i'm Viktor

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    Mar 2013
    hello i'm new here, and i'm looking for someone to help me. my ps3 doesn't read the hdd anymore.

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