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    Hi and Thanks All

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    Feb 2013
    Thank you ps3news for your hardwork. Keep it up.

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    Hi All: 'm from Taiwan.

    I have PS3 / XBOX360 / 3DS / NDS / PSP / ...

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    Feb 2013
    Hi to all Guys!!!! Congratolations for your forum!

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    hi, this is the best forum ever

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    Hi, Frequent user but never bothered to post until now..

    Am excited about new ps4 too bad Sony didn't show console during event ...
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    Feb 2013
    hi all

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    Hello all, I stumble upon this great site when trying to look for new mM version. This is a great site, please keep up the good works and thanks to everyone who has contributed!!

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    thanks for having me here guys.

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    Hello to everyone.. I am totally new to PS world.I have been reading this forum from last 2 days really liked it. Just bought new PS3 so learning things about it.

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