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    Feb 2013
    Hi everyone. i'm new here.

    greeting from Malaysia...

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    Hi i am untamedkiller93 i am from the us and i currently have a ps3 Phat i am looking to do tons of modding to it and looking for a psp-2001 screen for my psp (obviously) i love hacking things but i only hack my stuff not anyone elses. Kudos on this site i hope we all will accomplish something together

    I am currently running 4.31 and looking forward to jailbreaking my ps3 for if you have any suggestions please feel free to reply to my messages or PM me. Also feel free to look me up on PSN my name on ps3 is the same as my username. Don't be a stranger... ask me anything and i will answer it to the best of my knowledge and if i dont know ill do research for you.

    Thanks for this website its perfect for all your sony "hacking" needs.



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    Feb 2013
    hey guys, i'm new here.

    Anyway, I hope i'm welcome here.

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    Hokahey guys!

    I'm also new in here, but was reading a lot of content a while ago.

    Now I thought it was time to register at the forum too!

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    Hi people !!!

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    Lol I am new too.

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    You'll never guess, but I'm new too!

    Morning fellow gamers!

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    Feb 2013

    Roll Eyes

    rookie here, reporting in

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    hello ps3 news members!

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    Feb 2013
    New to the forum, so a big hello from me

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