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    i'm tonne from thailand, nice to meet you all

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    Hello everyone. i am a new user here , whats up everybody. now plz can anybody tell me how to download theme from this site..
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    hello everyone this forum is great

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new User in this forum. Started join in this forum because I'm interested in some thread. and hope we can be friend

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    597 pages of people posting introductions! Well, I am the newest one of many, then. Goes to show how much interest there is in hacking ps3's. One starts to wonder, we're going through so much effort to alter our consoles to make them more like PCs. When do we just say "hey, Ill just install a pc in my living room (which I am sure many of you have as well)".

    For some reason, I still like the allure of the console. Its always optimized for viewing on TVs, all you have to do is pop in the game, the game development is different ect ect. Still though, playing around with it is fun too!

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    hello everyone, nice place here
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    Hello everyone

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    Hello everybody.

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    Joined ps3news now too, its very interesting

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    hey there

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