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    Hey all... I'm Puls3kill3r. I'm new to this site and am just geting my bearing on here. I have several games.. ghost recon 2, resistance of man 1, gtaiv, assassins cfreed, Battlefield Bad company, Rainbow six vegas 2, Army of two, hot shots golf, warhawk, metal gear solid 4, rock band 2, haze, little big planet

    love to play ya sometime!!!

    Hope this great forum gets a lot of things done.

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    im not really new here. i have been on leave for about two years now. i have had some soul searching to do! I have realized that Playstation is the one who lives in my heart and will always be the one forever.

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    hey all, i will play LBP (start a level) but its loading and loading... 15min and longer O.o wtf?!

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    Thumbs Up Christmas Newb

    hello all, first time poster long time gamer.. cant wait to learn some tricks!

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    hi everybody! this page is very slow to load or its my connection?

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    Jan 2009
    Hey guys, first time post.

    I was wondering are most of the stuff in the Tutorial thread just for the first versions of the PS3? Do they work for the new 80GB PS3 that don't play PS2 games?

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    Hi, very cool website, just joined yesterday.

    currently have ps3 and wii, was interesting in converting my ps3 to full linux and this site have quite a bit of info.

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    hello, im new to the ps3 but have done alot of work with the ps2 and psp, hopefully i can be a big help for when we learn how to mod the ps3 i would be a very helpful tool to getting games, since i am a manager of a Gamestop.

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    new to ps3 news!

    im new to ps3 news. i have always loved the sony consoles, but am a lover of all! im really excited to have emulators running on the ps3, as i believe its hella capable of running emu's of all previous gens.

    i have the 60gb version 2.53

    I recently began replaying many games to get trophies. i think its a great way to get people playing the games again!

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    I'm new here, Just wanted to say, hey

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