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    Hi, had a lot going on but now blowing the dust off my ps3

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    Hello my name is Tinker, looking forward to learning new things

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    Jan 2013
    i am new user and more of ps3 nerd

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    Hello all, I am new as you can see from my posting in this thread, I am mostly here to bother racer0018 with my problems.

  5. #5855
    yo sup everyone! i'm a new member here so its time to get hack'n haha

  6. #5856
    New member stopping by to say hi.

  7. #5857
    Greetings all. I am a new guy here, but it seems like my kinda place.

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    Hi.. New Member

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    Jan 2013
    new to the game, hope to go to the next lv on my ps3?

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    Hello guys, i'm new too this site is the most useful web i ever used.

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