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    hello friends, i'm a new player from this community. I'm from Spain. A kind for all

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    hi, new as well

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    Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone

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    Jan 2013
    Hello I'm a Beginner from Spain, trying to give live to my PS3

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    Heya Kenneth from norway, just in here to learn. have an old PS3 which i decided to see if i could get modded

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    hello, i'm a new user

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    Hi all, I have a model CECH-4001B PS3

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    New user, curious how you install duplex files on the PS3

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    Dec 2009
    The files are usually in pkg format from what I remember, the fixes I mean. You have to be on cfw to install the pkg files and there's an option to do so if you have it. Just put it on a usb drive or something similar, or you can even ftp it to the ps3 and install it from there using programs like multiman.

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