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    hi all, cool forum

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    Hello everybody, Last week I installed YDL 6.2 on my (dilliberately old style OsterOs enambled) second hand ps3. I'm quite a developer in C++ and perl on Linux and Windows as well. Architecture and perfomance of the CELL BE processor made me curious. However I have to get over my first dissapointment (which I already knew) that with plain YDL6.2, there is not much more to do then C/C++ programming on Cell BE. No graphics, no media, no way to take advantage of RSX. And with unsufficent memory to handle complex environments (like Eclipse IDE) it feels like a more or less obsolete linux console.

    Although just the Cell BE processor is more then a challnge of its own. I'm looking for ways to take full advantage of the PS3 capabillities, YDL6.2 or any other environment, payd or for free. I'm not planning or attempting any hardware/software legal or illegal hacking into the ps3 system. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I can read and write englisch, dutch and german. C.U mijstonen

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    Long time reader, first time poster lol

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    Just joined, is an interesting topic that i want to get my head around more

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    Jan 2013
    hi all, i bricked my ps3 today... hope i can find help.
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    Just joined. and I see a lot of Ps3 peeps here. hope to meet some cool dudes here.

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    hello, what's up everyone!

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    I just joined because I'm hoping to be able to locate somebody that'll downgrade my CECHA01 to OFW 3.55. Here's hoping!

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    hey all

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