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    new user, i need to update my ps3 3.41 usb dongle jb to 3.55 any suggestions? thx

    i'll be greatful for any help
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    Jan 2013
    hi! from manila

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    Just an into. I am onetonPete. Long time lurker. I have been specializing in Sony stuff for years. I am mostly a modder/builder but most of all I am a FPS gamer. I am a long time member of and have a lot of info on PS3's , PSP's , and Vita's. I have been coming here lately for info on banning.

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    Jan 2013
    Hi all

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    hello everyone, nice place you have here

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    Jan 2013
    hello everyone, i am from holland.

    i have a question? i have used the new unban fix from a couple hours go but that want is banned to. is there anyone with a new fix.

    i am on rogero v2.05

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    Mar 2008
    Hello All! Long time member that hasn't been active or in the scene for awhile now. Curious to try a new CFW 4+

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    Hello world!!!

    I am a Electronic Technician and Engineer if I could help somebody tell me ok? I am expert in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) like companies APC, Powerware and go on ...

    Nice reading for all

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    Hi everybody. Just got a used ps3. Time to break it!

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    hello! what's up?

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