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    just joined great site

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    Jan 2013
    hello to everyone

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    hey i'm new to this forum, just checking things out now looks pretty interesting

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    Hello every, i'm a rookie and just looking for some knowledge.

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    Jan 2013
    hi to you too

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    Hi I'm Paul , and i love weed and messing around with ps3. I actually have a modded ps3 but didn't know a lot about it until i found this site and now i finally sign up and i hope to make contributions to the scene in the future but right now i'm still a little bit of a noob! Don't worry i'll change that.

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    Hello all i have just got myself a ps3 on rogero 4.30, just trying to get the hang of putting games i have downloaded/borrowed onto my external hd to play without the disk, this site has loads of info so hopefully i will know what im doing sometime soon.

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    Hi I want to download infinity ammo and health too on my ps3. I got a flash drive.

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    Hello everyone

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    Hi everyone

    I am new

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