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    rookie here, ps3 forever!

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    yo what do you got !

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    Hello World! Hi I'm from Argentina and I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful site

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    hello, i'm a new user .. hopefully i'm not too late

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    Hi.. Wow, I completely forgot about this site. ._.

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    I'm new too i'm trying to change my nat settings

    glad to be on and apart of this website
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    Hello. I'm new. No idea what I'm doing - jailbreaking or forums. I live in Japan. Just got a white super slim PS3.

    It looks like I might be waiting a while to jailbreak firmware 4.31. I would welcome any advice regarding what part of the forums I should be looking at.


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    Hello am an old user but i have a bad habit of not commenting on posts

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    Hi guys, Glad to be apart of this

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    Jan 2013
    i am new and trying to get a fix for fifa13 on cfw 4.3 rebug

    it is hard to find by the way...
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