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    Hey funny story. I accidently found this site, Glad i did... I currently own two Ps3. Old Model and the new one... they been gathering dust this past month. but after finding this site.. it has brought new life to my system.. Thank you

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    HI All, i'm new here cheers

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    Hi new to this forum.. Hope i can be of some help and search for some help also..

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    just joined cant wait to get to it.

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    Hey I come from mexico, and i am new here , tk guy for all you do in this web , i hope stay here for a long time, so, i see you later

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    Jan 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a PS3 Superslim, intending to downgrade it, load in a CFW, and play backups. But once I did my research, I found that it is currently impossible. I then proceeded to buy a used Fat PS3 CECH-E01, but it was already on OFW 4.31.

    I did a bit reading and I think I have a grasp on what's what, but I'm not entirely sure due to the sheer amount of knowledge and acronyms.

    Anyways, I'm trying to learn more. I look forward to my days on this forum.

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    Ciao. You guys have very very good stuff in here; i can`t wait to put my hand on some. Cheers

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    Jan 2013
    heelo everboby my name is pico

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    Hi everyone. I've been around here a few years ago, and i'm just getting back into the whole PS3 scene

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