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    hey there ppls noob here whats up yall arizona's in the house

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    Apr 2005
    Hallo every body, i'm just started over, in the old days i've modded psx and ps2, but have never got a ps3 before now, so lets see how this will go

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    Jan 2008
    New to ps3 downgrade, how ya all doing

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    I just joined the PS3 community. I'm liking what I see so far.

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    Hi ppl i just joined and wanted to say great site you have

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    Hi just joined and am from South Africa, Nice informative site from what I have seen so far.

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    Hey all, I joined because I'm getting bored of waiting for GTA V by playing GTA IV. I've seen some mods online and if I could access these mods then maybe it will be a little more fun. Hope I can find what I'm looking for

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    Hi everyone great to be here hoping to learn a lot many thanks

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    Oh hi, I'm new user ^^

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    very nice web, hello everyone

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