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    Hello , Whassup , Whas Good , Whas Goody, Im A Proud New Owner Of A Ps3 , Thank You Very Much,

    Psn Name Is - Justmurda

    All I Have Is 2k9 And Imi Droppin Buckets So Holla At Me

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    nice site

    hello i am new but this is a nice site...

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    i have nothing to say that is important, but all i can say is hi all...

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    New also... just registered today!

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    sup im th3rp809.. umm im from the nyc

    i was wondering if anyone can help me on how to install the stuff to watch vids on youtube... and stuff like that well yeah


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    Hi everyone, I`m Keytor69 and I was a member a while ago, I run a pub in the lake district in england and I want THE PS3 HACKED << subtle

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    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    Hey all, I am a noob here and ready to become part of the ps3 homebrew scene!

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    hi, wanna say hello too

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    Registered years ago but didnt have a chance to say hi. Anyway im in UK and have a 60GB PS3 with YDL 6.0 Linux on it. And it OWNS.

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    New here, just got 80gb ps3 and looking what can be done with it..

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