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    hello everybody

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    Hello everyone, i am a new member

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    HI. My name is Stefan. I have ps3 fat 40gb (now 160gb) and ps3 fat 60gb (had ylod once and repaired by myself) First one is Rogero cfw 4.3 second one is ofw4.25(waiting to be jailbroken software way) I am a big fan of ps3 and thats why i am here on

    Wish you all Happy new year

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    Just drop by to say hello.

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    Hello, Just doing some research today on ps3 and vita cfw. Already familiar with psp, ps1, ps2, wii, wii u and 360 mods.

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    Dec 2009
    Hi, I'm not new here but back after a long break. I've 2 ps3 slim (250/320) both on cfw 3.55 and multiman 4.02. So I check what going on in the scene and how to update my multiman

    great new year to everyone.

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    Hello there Lah here!! Decided to help out!!

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    Jan 2013
    hi am new in this forum but am a technician in kenya,anyone who can help me how to use e3 on ps3 i will appreciate.

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    Hi, Also new

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    Jan 2013
    i'm a new user too. great source for learning much more about ps3.

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