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    I am totally new in PS3 and i had upgraded to 4.31 OFW ... can anyone suggest the way how to install Pirated Games in PS3 and play Online without Getting Banned by PSN ...

    I just like to play online ... Please provide me complete info...

    Thank you

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    Aug 2011
    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone

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    Hi all, another new member saying hi

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    Dec 2012
    Hi, thanks to the admins and all the staff. The information on this site is most useful.


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    Greetings from the Dis... Nice to get to know some of you.

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    Hello all this is gunnerhot. Newbie of the year. Thanks for lettin me in.

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    Hello everyone! Nice to find you!

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    Hello there!! Thanks guys!

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    Hello all, I registered a while ago, but decided to pop back in to try and see if it is possible to get swap magic 3.6 + usbdl and ps2 isos to work on latest ps3 ofw on my fat 20gb ps3 jap launch, because i gave up finding a solution the last time i tried a couple of years ago. i just found my usb pen with my swapmagic drawer and usbdl drawer and decided to try my luck again with no luck so far.

    I wish everyone here a very good new year

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