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    Another Newbie

    Hello PS3 World, I'm a newbie here and just wanted to say hello to everyone.


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    Join Date
    Dec 2008

    Im new here

    hello, im a new user too..

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    Hi, there.

    just got here because I finally find my time to hack PS3.
    hope to find some resources here and maybe some possibilities to discuss with real hackers here.

    bst rgds.

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    Hi, noob here. Nice to make your acquaintance!

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    Another Canuck

    Just found this site despite having 60gb PS3 since launch - also just picked up an 80gb (since my kids have absconded with my 60 gb) and converted both to 500gb HDs. Mainly like sports and simulation games but am really interested in finding a hack solution.



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    I'm new to PS3 - just bought one beucase someone told me it's great and better then the Sony blue-ray player I bought. So i returned the dvd plaver and got this sony ps3. I know absolutely nothing thus far. no games. So I'm looking around for tips tricks and to make the best out of this ps3.

    Also, hi!

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    hello, im new here and this is my first post

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    im new here, just tryna see what you guyz have 2 offer!

    im from ny..

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    hello, i am new here too..

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    matts a ps3news noob!

    hello to all, im new and after receiving a ps3 for xmas i can finally put down my 360 pad and start looking for extras etc for the ps3, already used the PS3 SAK only problem is merging and doing all the post reading stuff, er anyway yeah hi!

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