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    Dec 2012
    Yoyoyo Phat PS3 on 4 8B date.

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    Dec 2012
    Greets from Portugal, i'm new here!!

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    just joined too ^^

    trying to learn new stuff on PS3

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    Hi to All :)

    I'm Natasha. Hope we enjoy together now and then... :)

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    amazing site buddies!! this is spike from india

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    Heya ^~^ I myself tinker with my psp and other stuff like that, just cause I'm a tinkerer

    So anyhow, hello everybody
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    hello everyone.. waiting for CFW 4.30 super slim

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    Hello everyone I am Craig and it cool to be here

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    Just joined as well, and is looking forward to becoming a contributing user

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    Hi, Used to run Kmeaw 3.55 CFW for a while but upgraded to play some newer games. Looking to probably pay someone to downgrade again and get back into the scene while we wait for PS4

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