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    Hey everyone,

    I'm new here so don't expect me to be a super genius on everything here.
    But I hope to get to know these forums and this site soon. Thanks


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    hi all, starting to get the hang of this site..

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    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Chris and i am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    I am new the the PS3 Scene and would like to introduce myself.



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    Thumbs Up New PS3 for xmas

    HI All

    I am paul, and am from the UK. Following the launch of LBP and the recent reasonably priced PS3 bundles that I should get one. I am really enjoying this, but find it a lot more "technical" than the other consoles... a bit like a PC.

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    Smile G'Day

    G'Day everyone from Down Under. I'm Raff the Nerd, proud of it too. I'm an old fart with teenage kids and several consoles, Xbox x2, PSP, Wii, PS One, and some really old ones as well. Yep we are a game playing nerd family.

    I don't as yet have a PS/3 but I hope thats ok, I just received a PSP for x-mas and am looking around for what I can do with it.


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    Dec 2008


    whats up people. just got a ps3 60g, previously had a ps2 and a psp.
    looking forward to exploring the full potential of my ps3.

    c u guys around

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    new ps3

    got new ps3 for xmas. going to install linux and then exploit it!

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    Hi I'm New

    Hey Everyone, My name is Luis and i am from Venezuela. I am new in the forum and would like to introduce myself. Thanks

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    noobie new

    Hey all,

    Brand new to the site. I've had a PS3 for about a year now and have found some really cool apps from your site. Anyone that has experience with some of the homebrew stuff it might help me simplify everything. Overall glad to be a part of this.


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    Hello guys, the most recent noobie in the area!

    nice 2 meet U ^^


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