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    Hi everyone!!

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    really excited about this ps3news website! Thanks for the website!

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    As many of you have gave intro,..... I too am glad to be here and wish i had found this place sooner than i did as my ps3 was at 3.55 ofw then it got up dated to ofw 4.30. so now i am stuck.... till i find someone to help my delimma.

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    i'm a new user too

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    Dec 2012

    new here

    Hi my broski's i'm new here

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    Dec 2012
    Hi... I'm using CECH-2504A OFW 3.56 and waiting software hack for CFW 4.30...

    See you..

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    Hi guys, Noob here from London UK looking to see whats what in the world of PS3 look forward to seeing you around.

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    hi am dylanjke. i'm from the us. i'm trying to put cfw on my ps3

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    i'm new here, anyone have tips on how to downgrade 4.31 original fat ps3 to 3.55 so i can use custom firmware?

    much thanks excited to learn more from this site
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    hello all

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