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    Hi all, That it is possible downgrade 4.25 on 3.55 ? pls help

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    I'm a new user, I am onto my second ps3 currently having problems with the blue ray lens can anyone help??

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    hello new user here... with no ps3...

    I am looking for a second hand but i wanna make sure i don't lose bluray movies playback if i downgrade

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    Hi.. It is always possible to REMARRY the PS3 on 3.55 during the FSM (Factory Service Mode Process!) No need to be afraid! -paradise

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    hello i'm new here i just want to enjoy this website thank you to all of you.

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    Hi, just want to say hello to everyone!

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    Hello to all!

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    Hi and Thanks to this Forum.

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    Hello, ps3 fans!

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    Hi all, Is there any fix for BLUS31142 for 3.55? I can't wait to finally play this game.

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