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    hey, what's up everyone.. I'm new to this site as well.

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    hey everyone, new guy or noob here glad to have joined this brill site for my ps3 needs!

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    Hello =)

    Hey All, new the PS3 scene! Mostly have dealt with other consoles in the past.. recently acquired a ps3 so... here I am.

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    hi guys.. tank is here 08 baby yeah!

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    Big Grin xenosaga dvd9 to dvd5

    hello all, im a noobie..

    have just read all about xenosaga and the dvd9 to dvd5 conversion hopefully i can gather all the correct software and figure it out.

    any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi everybody!! first post, Im a brazilian trying to cheat ps3 to think that i live in us so I have access to every feat... lol

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    Dec 2008
    Hi everybody i'm new on this forum and i'm french XD.
    My psn ID is : SkyStill , you can add me i've no friend

    Have a nice day!

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    hello, im a new user too.. what's up everyone!

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    Dec 2008
    Hello to all fellow Forum users.

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    Hi All.

    I am Brice, I am from France and I am new in this Forum.

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