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    hey guys.. i'm new also

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    Hello from Austria! Looking forward to meet new people on this board!


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    Dec 2012
    Hmmm... I thought I already registered here before... anyway, hello again!

    Have been to many sites... can't remember where I've been...
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    Dec 2012
    hi.. same here, looking forward to becoming a master

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    New registration, long time lurker.

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    hello everyone, new user here... actually I have been reading a lot before... but know i need some help, and I hope to be of some help for other users

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    Hi.. CFW For 4.31?? OR just 3.55??

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    hi everyone, new also !!

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    I am also new in this forum joined a while ago nice to meet a guy from England I am from India so, when you will get a PS3 add me on PSN : AVIinfinity same as my username

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    hello everyone, i'm also new at

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