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    Hello everyone i am from Jamaica home to BOB MARLEY and The Fastest man on earth Usain Bolt i am currently using a ps3 that was recently updated to rebug 4.21 rex in dex mode and its going great only problem is the psn ps1 tiltes are not loading gets a error message but bdemu works fine though so keep up the good work y'all and BIG UP UNO SELF Lol.

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    Hi am a new user and recently acquired a fat ps3 60gb launch console. I am looking forward to reading of a lot of your wisdom

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    hi, does any body know how to jailbreak the ps3 on 4.31?

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    hello guys, i'm new here

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    rookie here, ps3 forever!

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    Welcome everybody.

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    Hello. I am new. How are you all?

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    Good day everyone

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    Hello, new also

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    hi, i'm new here, from indonesia, thanks

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