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    Hey everyone. I'm new here that has been lurking since the news about the lvl 0 keys being leaked. I think I found out through Kotaku or Reddit. Anyway I come here in hopes of figuring out to mod my ps3.

    I've done softmods on my psp back in 2008 and my little sister's Wii in 2010. I just never had to hard mod consoles before. So I come learning from people whose done it. Hopefully I can get to work on either of my ps3's by the end of the year. I'm ready to learn.

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    hello ps3 gamers, I'm a newbie. Nice to meet you all!!!

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    newbie just join .... good to meet you all ...

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    Just joined~ Hello guys~~

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    Nov 2010
    just joined. i'm excited to learn all this too

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    Jul 2011
    welcome to ps3news enjoy your time with us,never be afraid to ask always someone here to help

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    Nov 2012
    hi everyone i'm so new to all this ps3 jb process i hope all of you will help learning this. thnx in advance

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    Hello, I'm italian

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    hello everyone i'm a new user thanks for accept me..

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    Aug 2011
    hello i'm old but never post

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