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    Nov 2012
    Hello, I'm a new.

    I just join now.
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    Nov 2012
    hi every one i am new too

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    Nov 2012
    new user! btw, should have done this a long time ago

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    hey all, long time reader and user... and i thought i had done this before


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    Nov 2012

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    Hey i'm spanish man with ps3 slim

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    hello slam to every one and thanks to ps3 hackers.

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    Hello all i'm new on the sense ready to get started.

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    Hiya Peoplezes, Still have my orig 60GB PS3 (minus Linux unfortunately): Blurays a plenty, a True GT fan!

    I make my bread & butter repairing computers & installing car Audio Equip I have been coming here for years for your wealth of resources & information & would like to express my gratitude for you efforts!

    Today looking to get PlayTV working with Win8.. *rubbing a Genie lamp with a rabbits foot* With any luck..


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    Hello i'm new and i want some games for my ps3 for free

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