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    and i'm new user it's cool site

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    Hi i'm new too. Hi to this entire community.

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    Hello, first thread post.

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    hi everyone, new also

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    Heylo everyone, new online prisoner, nice to meet you all!!!

    hope I can make some friends here

    learn some new tricks as well *wink*

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    Hello, i just signed up to share what ive been working on with everybody. I hope you all like it!

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    Nov 2010
    Hi people !! I'm Newcastle here, i have a ps3 with 4.25 OFW and console CECHC 3004A i think. So i want to jailbreak it but can't find updated and clear solution. First is it possible to jailbreak this one ?how? Do i need extra hardware? Or just soft mod?

    Thank You

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    hi there

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    Hi all, I cannot update 3.55 to 4.31

    Anybody guide me step by step update?
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    rookie here, ps3 forever!

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