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    Nov 2010
    i'm bongi7 and nice to meet you guys

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    Hi all, noob,

    I'm currently trying to downgrade my PS3 after fitting an e3. (original FW 2.70)

    The chip on the ps3 that the clip is attached to is samsung and so i have used the multi (samsung) update.bin for the flasher, the bin file has gone from the microsd so i'm guessing it's taken it, it simply came on an then all blue lights displayed. (switch 1 and 2 down the rest up)

    I then left the microSD in and tried to back up with switch 3 up and rest down however on pressing start and after 10 secs or so the first blue light flashes and thats as far as i have managed to get.

    Am i going wrong somewhere?


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    i'm bongi7 and nice to meet you guys
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    Mar 2006
    PS 3 250 gb

    CF 4.30 ROgero

    What else I should add?

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    hello, i'm a new user here..

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    Whats up guys, here to learn this stuff and downgrade my 4.31 OFW to 3.55. Any help in the right direction will be mucho appreciated. thanks.

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    Hi all

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    Nov 2012
    Just joined, I read info from this site all the time so I decided to become part of the community

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    G'day All!

    I'm new to! This looks like a great site! Looking forward to using it more often!

    I have a PS3 250GB Slim and a PSVita! <3 Sony

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    hello noob here..

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