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    Mar 2007
    Hi everyone, new here, thanks for having me.

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    New Noob here - PS3 virginity lost !

    Just bought PS4 ceramic white 40Gb Asia model + GT5 Prologue.

    Excited to discover that there is a place to download stuff from PSN to my PC.

    Great to be here !

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    Hi all, I'm not exactly new but I don't really post much. Cheers

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    Thumbs Up

    I am a French guy living in the US with a UK PS3 and I love video game / work in the gaming industry.

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    New here, new to the PS3, et al.

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    just got word of this site from a friend of mine. just bought the new socom and its been dowloading the update for about 2 hours now and its not going to be done anytime soon... see ya soon!

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    Hi all,

    It's my first post. Yay!

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    hey all,

    this my first post

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    Hey all, new here. I am here because my ps3 is broken and I am trying to fix it, so I hope I can get a lot of help and info from this site!


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    Hello! I am a new user!

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