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    hi guys im ps3tech, aka ps2guy, been around the scene for several yrs and helped out on other forums, i'm always glad to help out where i can.


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    hi guys nice to see you all here

    i would like to try ermac CW on my ps3
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    Hello everyone. New to the ps3 scene. Seeing the new updates with cfw brought me here. Kind of wishing I read more into this all before buying a ps3 though.

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    Hello there everybody. Wanted to register on this site as it has some nice tutorials and most interesting ps3 articles you cannot find on other sites. Thank you for this scene site ps3news admin

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    Mar 2011
    Hello people, i'm newbie here and want so much about this community, thanks a lot

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    hi i'm newbie and just want know all about ps3 hacking

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    Hello all, I'm new at ps3news forum I hope to make good friends here!

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    hi guys thanks for all the great ps3 wisdom

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    Hello everybody I'm doctor Nick.

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