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    Wepa!!! Newbie here! Got stuck on the Tekken tag fix. FK!

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    Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo and I hope you help me with my PS3.
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    Hi... I'm new here

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    hallo I'm new here

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    Nov 2012
    Hi there, I'm new too, cant wait to start learning. Looking forward to finally making the most out of my investment as Sony just don't seem to be bothering


    Hi all, should I post any details of my ps3 in my profile in order to help future advise? If so which information will be needed and in what section of my profile? ie Biography, interests, or where my name is? Im not much of a forum user so this is new to me. Any advise would be greatly appreciated
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    great site, excellent information.

    Thanks for the site

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    Nov 2012
    Hi and love the site. Keep up the good work.

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    Hey everybody New with PS3s but fan of the PSPs and PS2's. Working on setting up a console repair business and hoping I can find some stuff to help fix PS3s. Especially with the update loops. Awesome site and glad to be here.

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    Hello everyone!

    Picked up a couple of PS3s to play Rocksmith and a couple of other music games. Just here to see what I can learn.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey everyone, newB here... willing to learn! Am always been a PC user but want to try out consoles. Thank you!

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