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    Hello, just joined

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    hello, everyone on PS3News

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    Nov 2012
    hi guys, just joined to find out about which FW to go with for my first PS3

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    Hello people my name is JonGomez311 and i live in deep south texas usa. i'm new to this forum and have learned a lot, i am also new to the ps3 hacking/modding scene. although i have hacked and modded other consoles before this is my first crack at a ps3. by the way its going very well thanks to this forum and all the info.

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    hi to all

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    Hey Guys... I love your page and I hope I will also love the Forum


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    call me Mzidoo, i'm a new ps3 forum user

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    Hello from tsiehta!

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    Nov 2012
    Hi guyz. Just joined and looking forward to pick some people brains with stuff...

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    hi and thanks

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