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    Hello everyone i haven't posted but now the scene is back up and interesting i will have a lot of questions i hope you can help with and answer.


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    I registered a while ago when the scene was deadlocked with little or no progress. Now I am ready to start posting here, let the games begin! Hopefully this will be a haven for newbies as much as it is for complaining take it granted, angry, spoilt big heads.

    Had a PS3 for a while also but it YLOD on me and now only getting it repaired, a permanent repair that is! Not a reflow.

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    hi am from uk and new rebug cfw is out woot!

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    hello i am from vietnam, i just join
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    hello eveyone. I just joined this forum.

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    nice site hello ppl

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    I have just joined you guys and can't wait to learn some fun extras for the PS3

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    hi and from me here. i'm an old member but this is my first post. keep the good job.

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    Evening folks...Steady lurker here but for good reasons... This site has been a reliable frontpage for me ever since the 3.55 days and still is to this day. Especially with the recent events... Keep up the good work folks, Only here to make a few posts at the moment to clarify some things...

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    Hey there everyone glad to be a part of the community.

    Where do we post our questions?
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