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    Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to join this wonderful forum.

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    Hello to all from Brazil..

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    hi everyone. i've been a silent reader for a long time. now, that so much new is going on it thought its time to join up and contribute.

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    Hello! i don't speak a word of english. Sorry...

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    New here... Regards to all

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Gurus and rookies like me

    I've just purchased a PS3 Slim 320Gb with OFW 4.11. I've been reading a lot on CFW but I can't find a way to do it with my PS3 without doing NAND. So I'm looking for guidance on what to do, I don't need PSN, I need to be able to use multiman or similar to use games from ext HDD.

    I hope I've used the correct language to explain, I've read so many posts and found so many fake links that I really need to ask support.

    Thanks all
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    Right now you cannot install a CFW on your PS3. To install a CFW you need to be on 3.55 or lower firmware. So you have two options:

    1. Determine the lowest firmware your console will support. If it can go to 3.55 then you can get someone with hardware NOR flasher to downgrade your console to 3.55.

    2. Wait and keep an eye on this website.Maybe soon there is a new CFW that you can install on your console without the downgrade. Some people say that this is impossible. Everything is impossible until someone figures out how to do it, right? There are ways to fake MD5 and perhaps there are ways to fake/bypass 3.56 hash checks, who knows?

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    Vallachia thanks for the reply. Really appreciated, but of course I'm not happy of the solution

    Should I get a jailbreak USB dongle, anyone with a different experience?

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    Oct 2012
    hello guyz i'm new here

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    New user...

    Hi guys, I'm new here, looking for jailbreaks... Think I'm on the right place!!!

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