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    Hey everyone whats up? i'm new to this forum but not new to other forums i do not currently own a ps3 but i do however have an xbox 360 and ps2. my ps2 is modded and i'm currently in the process of modding my 360 hope to meet some cool people here!

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    hi i'm eikichi90 the first in italy than explain the bug of internal memory card on ps3 psx emu

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    Hi, I'm from the US, have an old fat ps3, the kind right after they took out the PS2 backward compatibility chip , but I have a PS2, so that's okay.

    Mostly, I'm registering to get rid of the annoying you can't view this because you're not registered thingies.

    But also, since L0 keys are out, I'd like to follow the new developments more, and maybe offer my own experiences. (Rogero 4.21, no problems, with PSN woo!)

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    Hello to all at!

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    Oct 2012
    new to this forum, glad to find a great place like this!

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    Hello to everybody from Spain

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    Hi all my nickname is croftimes, have a ps3


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    hello, greetings from Mexico, i'm interested in software development, and i want to try with this tools to make some homebrew if my skills are good enough. i hope to catch every update about homebrew tools nice to meeto you all

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    hi and thanks for the tip

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    New here, glad to be of service
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