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    hi i'm new here and want to hack my ps3 where do i start?

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    Hi All, just joined and learning quick and fast. Well... at least trying.

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    New here

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    Hello i am new in ps3news and i want to make a question i have a fat ps3 80gb hdd with the latest firmware 4.30... i want to put a CFW in order to backup games and i want to ask first is there any CFW tha it is instantly cause i have a psp 3004 and i have the latest firmware 6.60 and a pro-update i install instanly the pro-update and after a restart the pro-update is off.

    i think that must be a pro-update for ps3 too... second if i install a cfw permanent do i have the ability to access PSN?? thanks for the replies sorry for mistakes.

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    Hi there I'm Nucleous. Nice to meet you all!

    Have a 160gb Slim PS3, PS2 with swap magic and PSP running homebrew as well.

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    Nov 2005
    Greetings everyone

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    just joined as well. Glad to see the large ps3 section

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    Oct 2012
    Hello folks. PS3 forever

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    Hi all , hope everyone is well , looking forward to everything this site has to offer!

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    Oct 2012
    Hello guys! Nice forum, i've found many usefull things here. Thanks for the help.

    Greetings from Brazil \0/

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