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    Hi all, i'm new to hacking/cracking and i'm still a bit of a noob lol, latley i've being trying to hack wi-fi (WPA2) with lap-top (BT5) OS and my samsung galaxy II, get better and learning as i go, but felt like a change and thought i'd have a play with my PS3, any help and advise would be great. THANKS ashley069

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    Nov 2011
    hi i'm new

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    Oct 2012
    Hello world! I'm new here even though I could of sworn I signed up ages ago , Must of been tripping lol, Anyway signed up to share opinions on the latest cfws etc, Good luck to all!

    PS My name was a phuk up lol , Supposed to be somenutter , But stupid iPad decided that isn't right when I signed up ffs!

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    Oct 2012
    Hello every1, Its Dayo from Nigeria, West Africa here. I found this website on my numerous search for how to jailbreak my PS3 4.x OFW and this site really gave me useful information to know its not currently possible to jailbreak it. So i decided to join the family and learn/contribute together.


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    Hi all I just joined yesterday I've been apart of PS3 Jailbreak for awhile trying to figure out how to JB my PS3 on 4.11 lol. I want to learn as much as possible.

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    hi all, where to download from if links are down ?

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    Hi, does anyone know if there will be a way to install a CFW on an OFW 4.11 or i really have to make a downgrade?

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    Hello, So far it seems that everyone is saying you're going to have to downgrade.

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    hi i'm new... and i come from germany

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