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    Hi just discoverred this community, nice place

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    hey.. just scored an original 60gb for 80 bucks.. just chsing some firmware..


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    Hello guys,

    I was browsing the internet to get more info about ps3 scene and I found this forum. I hope it will help me understand more about all these different CFW stuff. I'm considering buying another ps3 console just to do that and leave my previous one untouched.

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    Hello and Good Times!

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    hello, i'm new i try to downgrade ps3 with posgkeet 1.2 board is cok-001

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    Join Date
    Oct 2012
    Hey guys!

    Nice to meet all of you.

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    Hello Everybody.. I'm Roberts, and i'm pretty much enjoying entering in the CFW World!!

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    Hi Everyone, Just joined and in only a few minutes could check that the forum is really awesome! Lots of information that I still need to check.... Thanks to everyone for contributing with all this info

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    Hello there.

    Glad to be here, need to learn!!!

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    Hi all, excellent.. I am from mexico

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