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    Technically I guess I am a new user. been following the scene for quite a while.. nice to meet you all

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    I am a new user here too.

    Love games and I believe I will get a lot of fellas and chicks like me.

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    hi all

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    wassup, i'm from houston i've been a ps fanatic just couldn't afford the ps3 until now now i got one, i ready to see if this baby can live up to its predecessors

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    I am new, I love this forum..

    thank you

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    hi everyone,

    i just joined and looking forward to get more info about PS3

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    Hello PS3 Fans and People.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2012
    hallo i am new user and i like ps3...

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    Hey all new to the site but not ps3 modding, great site loads of info and help.

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    Hi all .. i am new here .. how are you guys .. hope to have a good time .. and learn something new

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