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    Sep 2012
    hello guys, new user here

    wassup everyone!!!! new user here!!!
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    Nov 2011
    Hi, New user here!

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    Hello, Wishing all the best for the PS3 scene.

    Keep on moving forward!!!

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    Hello everyone... I'm megapombo from portugal... I've seen some problems in my ps3 since 2 months ago and decided to register here as it seems to me to be an excellent way to learn more about ps3 world...

    Maybe i can contribute with some...

    Best regards,

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    hello everyone !!

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    Sep 2012
    hello everyone, i am new user here...

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    i'm 35 from sweden and i'm glad to join this forum

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    Hey, I am new to the PS3.

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    Hey everyone, been an avid visitor to this site, had an account set up a long time ago, but lost track of it, but I'm all over the interwebs... just wanna say whats happening

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    Apr 2005
    Hello NbAlIvEr100 and welcome back, I did a quick check and the only possible account it shows that may have been yours in the past here is "Ultra Spidey" if that rings a bell.

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