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    Im a new register too... Im from Brazil. Nice to meet you!!!

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    Sep 2012
    add me to the userbase! have a good one y'all.

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    Sep 2012

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    Just looking how to get my save files from my HD, as my PS3 YLOD before I could make a back-up.

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    First time here

    Happy to be here.

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    New user here. Hello everyone.

    Thinking of doing stuff to my ps3 I have laying around, thought you guys might help.

    And also good to be here.
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    Hi, I am using Disney's Panda3d. Is there any port or plug-in to port from Panda to PS2/PS3

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    Herro all! Just another newb here! In california and love playstation!

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new at ps3news..

    please can anyone upload Ninja gaiden 3 DLC packs (1,2,3) on the Europe version , i have searched all over without getting anything, i'm about to give up please .... ?

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    Sep 2012
    hi i am shihab ty

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