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    hi everyone,

    i’m new here too. just got my PS3 last week and its so cool.. this is a great site! A lot of info. hope to learn more from you guys

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    Nov 2008
    hi everyone, i'm new here!

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    Nov 2008
    well,my first post... Well, i'm brasilian,please, sorry my english under training... I have a PS2, but i want a PS3 in christmas, or January... I love naruto, megaman, full metal alchemist and others games/animes... My profession? Im student, and later of the school, on monday to thruday, im babysitter, on my sister house... Well, she need my help, but i m need money too.

    In the begin, im don't payed with money, but now, im gain. Well, actually, im trying to stay informed, about the news, about PS3 and PS2.... Who have seen, ben 10 alien force? Is best of ben games ^^

    well, i'm posting, not making a preview about a game, but i wait make much friend here, and stay plugged on the news about PS3... Is this! ^^

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    I was very active on this forum when it was Finally got a ps3 and am ready for homebrew stuff!

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    hi roman is here.

    it`s good place here!

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    Hi newbie is here...

    I was looking fot this page for a long time ( I know I'm a little slow^^ )

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    G'day and welcome :-)

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    I'm new too

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    I am new

    I am new.. I wanna play games!!!

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    Nov 2008
    Hi everyone ))

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